Baby Boomer Job Fair Tip

Job Fair Tip

If you are a baby boomer and attending job fairs as part of your job search strategy, keep reading. First, relax. Most people are uncomfortable. You may be more uncomfortable if you are back in the job market due to a job change. So you are now required to compete once again, and the rules have changed, or you don’t get how to make this job fair stuff work. It’s okay.

Baby Boomer Job Fair Tip:

“Understand You Are Being Watched”

When you get to the job fair, understand that the moment you get out of your vehicle it’s show time. Show your best face, posture, etc. The person you may be walking in with might be your future boss.

At this point your actions will speak as loud or louder than your words.

If someone else starts talking negative about how nervous they are, or how they haven’t had much success attending job fairs, or whatever, move away immediately! You need all your energy.

Then after you finish talking to your targeted employers, regardless to what occurred have some good wholesome fun.  Hopefully you will add this baby boomer job fair tip to your arsenal.  Bookmark this page, so you can return.

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