Baby Boomer Job Fair Tip

Job Fair Tip

“Look Ageless At The Job Fair”

I watch the, “What Not To Wear” show as often as possible. It’s an American Make-over show that has helped the brave update their attire.  It is very easy to become comfortable in our own shell and take on a too casual look or pull out an outfit from the dungeon.

Many of us wear or have worn an outfit that has long past it’s point of usefulness.  Also, an outdated hairstyle will age you. I admit I’ve done it also and my excuse was that these are my “comfort clothes”. Well, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that there are areas in which we need some assistance. Remember you are competing against other potential candidates at job fairs.

So, get some help updating your look so you are ageless. Go to an interview class that discusses attire, seek out a professional, look at some episodes of “What Not To Wear”, look through some magazines, ask someone who cares a loves you for their honest opinion. Well, ask only if they are credible and you are ready to accept their response.

Most of the makeovers I’ve found online were of women. I researched several  sites, but  they basically covered hair styles only and not attire. If you find a website that has some before and after clothing makeovers, please leave a comment.

Let’s fast forward. You’ve had your makeover and are headed to another job fair. How do you feel? Do you think you might make an impression? I guarantee that this experience will be better than the last. Add this baby boomer job fair tip to your arsenal.  Bookmark this page, so you can return.

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