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Career Spotlight: Court Reporter

A court reporter career is certainly a unique job choice. Court Reporters undertake a range of tasks and there are many job opportunities available. If you work in criminal justice you will generally record the court proceedings, provide close captioning, translation services, transcribe depositions and more. Judicial court reporters must transcribe all spoken words as […]


The Best Path To Become An RN

  Becoming an RN is on the minds of a lot of people these days. When watching the news or reading the paper it is fairly common to hear about the nursing shortage and that nursing make good money. So you may be wonder how you go about entering the field of medicine as an […]


Do You Need a Graphic Design Degree?

Do you really need to get a graphic design degree? It is true that many graphic designers have never formally studied, but rather taught themselves over many years on how to become a great graphic designer. Many were or still are freelance designers who also work for a company. Whatever the case, a degree in […]


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