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Ways To Blow A Job Interview – Sloppy Application (Audio)

Okay, I couldn’t resist sharing the audio piece of an applicant who has an interesting approach on how to blow a job interview. I think a little humor in your job search will make it easier. Enjoy and tell me what you think. John Boy & Billy: The Job Application


Ways To Blow A Job Interview – Sloppy Job Application

Okay here is the scenario. Worker Plus has an interview and is asked to complete an application as prior to the actual interview “Oh crap” he says to himself. I do not have my information written down. Well I’ll just wing it.”  Hmm what better way to blow a job interview than at the beginning. […]


What To Write About Salary On Job Application

When I was first starting out in my career, I used to always be concerned about what to put down for the salary. I wondered if my salary was too low that, I wouldn’t be considered or my experience wouldn’t be valued. Then after I was well into my career, I wondered if my salary […]


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