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Are Job Fairs A Waste Of Time? More Fluff Than Stuff?

Job fairs are becoming have always been a vehicle individuals looking for employment could maximize and broaden the opportunities of their job search. It is also the same vehicle that employers us to stretch their budget dollars and quickly plow through a pool of waiting candidates. However, are job fairs a waste of time? If […]


How To Interview At A Job Fair (Part 2)

You’ are at the job fair and you see folks being interviewed, or so you think. Well the types of interviews basically fall into three categories: Lens interview, mini-interview, and full blown interview. You want to maximize whatever type is made available to you. Lens (screen) interview – two to three minutes and you’re out of […]


How To Interview At A Job Fair (Part 1)

If you’re looking for a job, no doubt you’ve encountered the Job Fair Interview. Everyone isn’t interviewed formally, but everyone is interviewed. While everyone is waiting in line to put their resume into the hands of the most popular company, you scope out the other companies in your program. I hope that you’ve already pre-selected […]


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