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Job Interview Supercharged – From The Inside Out

I took a break for a few days, just like you. Did you enjoy time with family, and just reflecting on this year. So many things in our world has changed. Some good, some bad. You have to be thankful, that you have another day to do something different. Don’t say at home doing nothing toward […]


Looking For A Job, Don’t Hibernate!

It’s Sunday, in North America and cold and snowy where I am. I was thinking it may also be cold and snowy in many other parts of the world as well. You might be getting that cozy feeling, and want to hibernate. Furthermore, it may be cold in your pocket, meaning money is tight. You need to […]


Your Interviewer Isn’t An Idiot

Some interviewers will act as if they are idiots, or they don’t care for you right from the beginning of the interview on purpose.  They are not idiots. At least not in most cases. What they are doing is actually testing you. Yes, they want to see how you will act in an uncomfortable situation. They […]


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