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Warning Don’t Buy “Wow-You’re Hired” Before Your Read This Product Review

I found this product after people kept asking me about how to improve their chances with interview.  What were the tips and tricks “us HR folks” looked for during the interview that could improve a candidates success. Of course, me and my sense of humor I usually replied, “well if you aren’t a jerk or […]


Recession Proof Your Job Interview

Recession Proof Your Job Interview By Sandra Mosley Recession: Don’t you agree it has become the most familiar word of late? It has hit every strata of the society harder than anyone would have expected. Job losses and salary cuts are just a few of its effects. How does it impact your interview? Moreover, how […]


Job Interviews and Social Media

As more and more people are using every source available to find the next job, social media in the job search should definitely be a tool. The challenge is that if you’ve already have your information public on various social media sites, potential employers know more about you than you think. I found this great […]


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