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Depression Help

Nearly 15 million Americans each year are affected by a serious illness called depression|Estimates are that almost 15 million Americans suffer from Depression, a serious problem}. It’s a proven illness. Although it is defined as a mental illness this is no reflection on the personal attributes of the inflicted.. Depression can strike every person. There’s […]


Cures For Depression

There are many different forms of depression. Even though many Americans suffer from depression, they don’t know it or if they do, they won’t admit it even to themselves. Depression afflicts about 14 million Americans. |It is also estimated that less than a third of those affected will ever seek treatment|Fewer than 4.7 million of […]


Symptoms Of Depression

Unless someone is familiar with the symptoms of depression, it’s hard to diagnose. Over 15 million Americans will suffer some type of depression this year and many will not even know that they have it. 2/3 of those never seek help. Why is depression hard to spot? Unlike depression, the answer is easy. Many of […]


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