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Will You Be Ready By Midnight? Take These Steps

Every year each of us makes a date with ourselves, either voluntary or by default. We take a breathe of relief, make a toast, commit to something with no intention of  actually following through, pacify our failures or loses, etc. The year has it’s way with our lives, and we repeat the process again, and […]


Come Monday, You Are The, “Job Search Surgeon”

Okay, both of us have taken some time off to be with friends and family, during the holiday. They hopefully have encouraged you in your job search, maybe even given you some job leads, or networking contacts. Be thankful, but you have to get back in gear. Plan your weekend so that come Sunday you […]


The Great American Cheapskate

I ran across this video, “The Great American Cheapskate”, a 20/20 piece and decided to share this with you today instead of my usual. Why, you might be asking. Well this video demonstrates how an individual has selected a different lifestyle and he is very happy. He has a reputation as being the cheapest man […]


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