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Interview Tip #5

  The Follow-up   When the interview is over, shake hands again and thank your interviewer for his or her time. It’s smart to thank them by name: Mr. or Ms. Whoever. Then, sit down and write a thank-you note – just something short – and put it in the mail. This small gesture will […]


Interview Tip #4

How To Answer Questions   Any other questions your interviewer asks – answer them honestly in the first person. You are discovering something at this point: it’s very hard to answer interview questions about you without feeling like a conceited jerk. Ignore the feeling. Everyone – and I mean everyone – gets it. Worry about […]


Interview Tip #3

The Two Hardest Questions   Two questions you should be prepared to answer: what is your strongest point, and what is your weakest point. Be honest about both: if your strongest point is competitiveness, say so. Weak points are touchy, but again, pick something real and describe not only it, but the steps you’re taking […]


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