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Most Common Job Interview Mistakes

There are certain common job interview mistakes that you want to do your best to avoid. Making any one of these can hurt your chances of getting the job or have the employer hire another candidate who didn’t make these common job interview mistakes. 1. Looking sloppy or having a stain on your clothing. Wrinkled […]


Ways To Blow A Job Interview – You’re Late (Video)

I found this video piece that further emphasizes how you can not be late for a job interview. It may cost you the job. Don’t say you got lost, but listen to hear some other unacceptable excuses. Leave a comment, and tell me what excuse you gave that was accepted by the interviewer in which […]


Ways To Blow A Job Interview – You’re Late, But Please Don’t Use This Excuse

You just received great news. You’re excited that you passed the interview phone screen, and have now been invited to a face-to-face interview. They didn’t even hear your cat purring on your shoulder during the phone interview. Or at least they didn’t say anything. Hmm. The interview is this coming Monday. As you hang up […]


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