Baby Boomer Job Fair Tip

Job Fair Tip

“Look Ageless At The Job Fair”

I watch the, “What Not To Wear” show as often as possible. It’s an American Make-over show that has helped the brave update their attire.  It is very easy to become comfortable in our own shell and take on a too casual look or pull out an outfit from the dungeon.

Many of us wear or have worn an outfit that has long past it’s point of usefulness.  Also, an outdated hairstyle will age you. I admit I’ve done it also and my excuse was that these are my “comfort clothes”. Well, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that there are areas in which we need some assistance. Remember you are competing against other potential candidates at job fairs.

So, get some help updating your look so you are ageless. Go to an interview class that discusses attire, seek out a professional, look at some episodes of “What Not To Wear”, look through some magazines, ask someone who cares a loves you for their honest opinion. Well, ask only if they are credible and you are ready to accept their response.

Most of the makeovers I’ve found online were of women. I researched several  sites, but  they basically covered hair styles only and not attire. If you find a website that has some before and after clothing makeovers, please leave a comment.

Let’s fast forward. You’ve had your makeover and are headed to another job fair. How do you feel? Do you think you might make an impression? I guarantee that this experience will be better than the last. Add this baby boomer job fair tip to your arsenal.  Bookmark this page, so you can return.

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Baby Boomer Job Fair Tip

Job Fair Tip

If you are a baby boomer and attending job fairs as part of your job search strategy, keep reading. First, relax. Most people are uncomfortable. You may be more uncomfortable if you are back in the job market due to a job change. So you are now required to compete once again, and the rules have changed, or you don’t get how to make this job fair stuff work. It’s okay.

Baby Boomer Job Fair Tip:

“Understand You Are Being Watched”

When you get to the job fair, understand that the moment you get out of your vehicle it’s show time. Show your best face, posture, etc. The person you may be walking in with might be your future boss.

At this point your actions will speak as loud or louder than your words.

If someone else starts talking negative about how nervous they are, or how they haven’t had much success attending job fairs, or whatever, move away immediately! You need all your energy.

Then after you finish talking to your targeted employers, regardless to what occurred have some good wholesome fun.  Hopefully you will add this baby boomer job fair tip to your arsenal.  Bookmark this page, so you can return.

Recession Proof Your Job Interview

Recession Proof Your Job Interview

By Sandra Mosley

Recession: Don’t you agree it has become the most familiar word of late? It has hit every strata of the society harder than anyone would have expected. Job losses and salary cuts are just a few of its effects. How does it impact your interview? Moreover, how would you recession proof your job interview? Here are some tips to recession proof your interview.

Show Commitment to the Company In The Job Interview

Employers would never want to hire someone who might seem to be joining the company only for a short period of time. This only makes them think the applicant is not committed enough to the position and does not regard the job with seriousness as he does intend to stay onInterviewers Lockerroom it for long. Employers always prefer staffs who work with them for a long term. They are committed and serious about their job and the company. This point should never be forgotten. You can recession proof your job interview.

Practice your job interview with someone before going to the actual interview. Learn to demonstrate interest and enthusiasm. Show your commitment during the interview. Ask them for their opinion as to your performance. This will better equip you for the actual job interview.

Don’t show Off Excessive Intelligence During Job Interview

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Even if you believe you are the best suited for the position you have applied for and you can help the employer with every single of his needs, don’t make him think you are trying to show off. Express a calculated response, or else it may adversely affect the person taking the interview.

Job Interview Follow Ups Are Important

After you have applied for a job and posted or emailed your resume, don’t sit back and wait. Try and follow up your application. This should not be too aggressive either. Try to build a rapport even before you appear for the job interview. A few call backs don’t harm your application. On the other hand, they make your employer notice your application more than he would generally.

Also it shows that you are interested and are quite serious about the job you are applying for, and increases the chance of your selection. It becomes easier to communicate once the ice has been broken. Hence, it may help to follow up even after the job interview.

Personality and Attitude

New Job Hunting Method Revealed: Executive Jobs at $100K & Up!

A proper attitude and a pleasant personality help immensely to secure you a job. During this tough time of recession, such qualities make you better noticed and considered before the other applicants. This increases your chances of fairing the job interview better than your competitors. Try and get to know anyone and everyone you deal with throughout the selection process. This builds up a relationship with the concerned authorities, and betters your chances of getting the job.

All these factors kept in mind can produce very favourable results to your job search and job interview outcomes even in this period of recession.

It’s time to put yourself in a position to win in all the stages of finding that perfect position with a powerful job interview.

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