Warning Don’t Buy “Wow-You’re Hired” Before Your Read This Product Review

I found this product after people kept asking me about how to improve their chances with interview.  What were the tips and tricks “us HR folks” looked for during the interview that could improve a candidates success. Of course, me and my sense of humor I usually replied, “well if you aren’t a jerk or a whiner, or go in and dog out your former employer, that’s a start. I would quickly say, “I’m kidding”. And then my friends would remind me that they were serious. So, I began to look at several different tools,  that  if used, could improve an individuals arsenal during the interview process.

Sometimes, you just need the words to use to articulate a point. Then there are times when you need the structure that provides guidance or acts as a map to get you to your destination. In this case – hired.

I first reviewed this product back in 2008. I didn’t just read about it. I used it in a number of different ways. I even tried using it in ways outside the scope of the products intent. When I am trying to decide on an item to purchase, I “Google”, and look for reviews. What are other people saying about the product. And yes, this will have a bearing on my purchase.

So, I want to simply share my thoughts on this product, “Wow You’re Hired”. But before I do that, check out the following video.

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Now, here’s what I think about it.

Cons – It’s not a catch all for your job search campaign. The documents are designed to be used one you have gotten an interview. So, it won’t help with landing an interview.

It covers one unique aspect of the interview process that isn’t a normal part of the process. An employer might ask you to leave it behind, so they can review it. (My suggestion is that you don’t do that. Duh –  If you don’t know why, buy me a cup of tea and I’ll tell you why).

Preparation of the document is only specific to that particular company. You will need to prepare the document for each interview. You will have to do some homework on the company so this tool is effective. If you don’t want to do the work, don’t spend the money.

So, you had better really desire the position for which you are applying, or your work will be in vain.

Price Point – It’s $79.00 bucks unless you take advantage of the bonuses and special offer.

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Pros It can be a powerful tool if you take the time and do the work. If a potential candidate bought this into an interview I would think that they’ve done their homework, are action-oriented, results driven, focused, see the big picture and a problem solver. I would consider this person a strong contender, and place them on top of my list, provided the other elements of the interview measured up.

You are presenting a 30, 60, and 90 plan. This document will be very useful

for someone who may be applying for a position a little higher than their current skills and experience support.

If you are an internal candidate, it will demonstrate your understanding of various elements of the company. You will have a written plan of ideas, etc. Now listen although will have a kick butt document, don’t give away the baby.

In other words, don’t try to present all documents at the same time. The system doesn’t work that way. Share one or two items that will have measurable impact. The others will be shared once you are hired.

Comes with a 56 day money back guarantee. Great value for the money.If you don’t like it, they will give you all your money back and you get to keep

all the bonuses.

Please don’t just buy this, and let it collect dust. You don’t have money to waste on this.  Use it to it’s fullest.

Take advantage of the special offer, while it lasts to check out “Wow, You’re Hired” before they take it down. So Click Here Now!

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